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  • alignment style
  • Model and manufacture of the car
  • alterations to vehicles
  • Position of suspension
  • Lifetime versus one-time alignment


One aspect that affects the cost is the kind of alignment—manual or computerized. Although a computerized alignment initially costs more, its accuracy will result in long-term cost savings. Due to the necessary tools and personnel expenses, auto shops must charge extra for this service.

A technician will drive your automobile onto a vehicle alignment lift rack and mount brackets with electronic sensors to each tire to execute a digital alignment. The readings from the tire sensors are recorded by a different piece of equipment, a console with cameras.

The console’s software compares the measured data to a database of manufacturer requirements for the individual car make and model. The data from the equipment are then continuously used by a technician to make all the required corrections to the vehicle’s alignment.

Your technician needs to provide you with a printout of the alignment readings for your car before and after work as evidence that the work was done correctly or to determine if more adjustments are required.

However, manual alignments are often less expensive and involve manually measuring the tires with string. The distance between the front of your left tire and the front of your right tire will be measured by the technician using lengths of string and measuring tape to determine the camber, caster, and toe.