Michelin Tyres; After every 60,000 miles or five years, whichever comes first, tyres on vehicles wear out. When this happens new tyres need to be fitted to them to ensure smooth and safe functioning. This, for most motorists, can be a challenging experience as many of them are not well equipped to decide which tyres suit their driving needs the best. We, at Central Auto Repair Services, make things easier for customers. We offer expert advice and quality tyres. Michelin is one of the brands that we highly recommend because of its quality performance and long life. Both of which are indicative factors of tyre brands commitment towards customers.

How to choose the best Michelin Tyres for your vehicle?

Tyres should be chosen after assessing the driving style of a driver and their car’s local terrain and weather. To enable customers to make the best possible choice, we employ a host of experts in the field who are more than happy to be of assistance. They can be contacted via our customer care services and based on their suggestions you can easily choose the best tyres for your car. If and when you do make the choice, you can avail our offer of mobile tyre fitting to get new tyres fitted to your vehicle without the hassle of having to bring your car over to our facilities. All our services are provided at compelling prices which come with the promise of quality and reliability.

Why choose Michelin tyres?

Amongst the many tyres on sale at our garage, Michelin is amongst the most popular both in terms of sale as well as customer satisfaction. Their popularity can be boiled down to the fact that they have been in the tyre making business for a very long time and as such possess incomparable expertise in the arena. They are accredited with being the pioneers of radial tyres which they had launched under the name tyre ‘X’.

The long history aside, Michelin today is one of the largest manufacturers of tyres in the world and has a worldwide presence. Their marketing strategies are legendary and their mascot the ‘Michelin Man’ is a well known and recognised figure. Such is their expertise that the ‘Michelin Star’ a mark of recognition of excellence is awarded only to some of the most highly renowned and famous culinary experts. Michelin, therefore, encompasses the very virtue of exceptional quality and reliability. Basing their observation on the popularity and reliability of Michelin tyres, the experts working at Central Auto Repair Services have to apprehensions in recommending their use to our customers. So for the best deals on quality checked Michelin tyres, visit Central Auto Repair Services.