Dunlop Tyres; A car is judged by its performance abilities, which is majorly dependant on the tyres that are used. The internal parts of the car can always be pushed to do better than their current levels, but without better tyres than before, doing this is a risky thing. Your stock tyres might not be able to provide you with the traction that might be required to deal with that much speed. We, at Central Auto Repair Services, can help you with this. We can provide you with better tyres that will be able to support the car and improve the traction abilities of the car.

One of the companies that we trust blindly is Dunlop. The product quality of Dunlop is something that they never compromise with, and which has helped them become one of the top five tyre manufacturers in the world. The performance aspect of these tyres are second to none and have been known to have performed well even in extreme conditions. Established by John Boyd Dunlop, over a decade ago, the company, today, has come a long way from where it had started. These tyres catch the eye of our customers without us having to show it to them. This is all thanks to the exquisite designs and quality of the products that Dunlop manufactures. We, at Central Auto Repair Services, have a wide range of the latest tyres manufactured by Dunlop for you to take home.

These tyres are just not visually appealing but are also perform remarkably well. If not us, then trust some of the leading car manufacturers like Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes and BMW, who trust Dunlop and use their tyres as part of their original equipment. And why would someone not trust someone who is said to have been the first ones who came up with the idea of pneumatic tyres? They have been developing ever since and have stayed up to date with the demand of their customers. Our experts, at Central Auto Repair Services, will suggest you go buy a set of Dunlop tyres for your car without giving it a second thought. This is the trust that Dunlop has earned over the years and what it still is working on.

A product by Dunlop isn’t a quality product just because they claim it to be so. Each of their products undergoes a 360-degree final check to ensure that the quality standards are met with what is expected from Dunlop. Excellence is the target and compromise is not an option. You have the choice of different tread patterns due to Dunlop’s findings. They’re the ones who are credited to have come up with the idea of tread patterns, thus, changing the world of tyres completely.

We, at Central Auto Repair Services, find tyres from Dunlop to be unrivalled and trustworthy enough to trust our cars with as well. The variety available at Central Auto Repair Services ranges from budget tyres for daily commuting cars to performance tyres for super cars. Visit us and let us take care of your car’s tyres, while you can also get a set of new ones for a genuine price.