Yokohama Tyres; Tyres are an important part of a car, without which your car won’t be able to go anywhere. It is the only point of contact between your car and the road surface. They carry the complete weight of the car wherever they’re directed to go. Being such an essential part hasn’t helped the tyres, as they are one of the most ignored parts of a car. But they aren’t ignored by everyone. The importance of tyres is best known by Yokohama, who never compromise the quality of the tyres they manufacture. This habit of never compromising is what we, at Central Auto Repair Services, have adopted from Yokohama. We make sure that we never compromise when working for our customers.

Since its establishment in 1917, Yokohama has never stopped climbing the mountain of success. While others were still getting their act together, Yokohama was already on top of the Everest of this industry. Their excellent tyre designs and exceptional quality of products are second to none and have helped Yokohama become one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world. Yokohama was the first Japanese company that was granted an ISO9001 certification for excellent products, quality, manufacture installation, and other related services. We, at Central Auto Repair Services, believe in Yokohama for the same reason as Japan did. We make sure that we provide only the best tyres for our customers, and why any other when we can provide them with Yokohama’s excellent tyres.

Yokohama isn’t an exceptional manufacturer for car tyres only. They are also known for manufacturing exceptional products for commercial truck and bus, light truck and off-the-road mining and construction vehicles. The company continues to research and develop even today, to keep pushing themselves. They do so not only to result in profitable business later on but also to deliver their customers with the best possible products. While others are still catching up, Yokohama is already manufacturing tyres ahead of its time.

The R&D department of Yokohama is one of the most advanced ones in the industry. The Research and Development Integrated Centre (RADIC), at the Hiratsuka factory of Yokohama, is known to have state-of-the-art facilities like supercomputers and centrifugal separator. Apart from this, the company has multiple test facilities, where they simulate different types of road surfaces. This is helpful in testing their exceptional tyres. They ensure that the efficiency of the tyre is as per their expectation, while it also meets with the standards of Yokohama. Visit us and you can choose from our wide collection of tyres which include their latest manufactured designs.

You don’t only get to buy exceptional tyres, but also receive priceless pieces of advice from our experts. You will not only be told the steps needed to maintain the tyres but also on how to maintain your car as a whole. We, at Central Auto Repair Services, have trained our experts extensively to help them enhance their skill-set and be proficient at their job. This does not only help them deliver efficiently but is something that is going to help them in the future.

We also make sure to provide them with the best and the latest pieces of technology to ensure that their abilities are never limited due to the lack of equipment. They have delivered exceptional services consistently, and it is all thanks to them that our customers trust us so much. Professionals at Central Auto Repair Services believe in working for the satisfaction of customers, and not just focus on monetary benefits.