Vehicle Suspension Goring By Sea; Types Of  Suspensions– A Beginner’s Guide, The suspension system is mostly housed under the car’s undercarriage, close to the points at which the wheels attach to the rest of the vehicle. The suspension of a modern car consists of springs, clamps, wishbones, dampers, and links, all of which collaborate to provide a comfortable ride regardless of the surface you’re driving on.

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There isn’t a universally accepted standard for suspension for all or even most cars. Different suspension systems have been developed and put into use over the years. There are two main groups of suspension designs for automobiles, each of which has multiple subgroups.

Dependent Vehicle Suspension Goring By Sea

Each wheel on one side of an axle is directly attached to the other wheel on the other side in a dependent suspension system. This means that anything that may affect one wheel could theoretically affect the other and probably would.

Dependent suspensions were the first of their kind and had the advantage of being able to support more weight. Only buses, big rigs, and other commercial vehicles use dependent suspensions. Most modern automobiles and passenger vans feature some independent suspension.

Independent Suspension

Independent suspension is the top choice for any car or passenger truck. Each wheel of an automobile with independent suspension is attached to the chassis separately from the others. This means that when one wheel is struck, the impact affects just that wheel because its suspension system takes care of it. Front-wheel independent suspension is standard on most passenger vehicles, while rear-wheel independent suspension is becoming increasingly common.

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