When you are about to go for Same Day MOT Findon, you should consider the following things:

When you arrive at the examination site

Drive to the test centre and wait in the lane indicated on your booking confirmation. Ensure that your vehicle’s engine is at operating temperature before the test.

Before Same Day MOT Finedon, ensure your vehicle is clean and devoid of any unclean materials, such as old tissues, gloves, or wipes.

The vehicle’s underside is not required to be washed before a vehicle test. Still, the examiner may refuse to conduct the test if the vehicle’s exterior or any part or equipment is so filthy that it makes the inspection unreasonably difficult.

You should not bring pets, children, or anybody else when presenting the car for inspection.

For Same Day MOT Finedon, you must exit the car before it enters the testing area, and Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) personnel will conduct the entire test.

Bring your sanitiser and wipes to clean and sanitise all inside surfaces immediately following the exam.

Vehicle damaged during the examination Same Day MOT Findon

If your car is damaged during the test, you should immediately notify the centre manager, who will conduct an inspection. The centre manager will schedule a time for you to return the vehicle for inspection if it has already left the premises.

A claim form and three repair cost estimates will be sent to you; they must be submitted to the centre manager.

Adverse Climate

Extreme weather conditions do not typically affect the testing of vehicles. You are required to send an email to the staff of the online booking queries at the link below before your scheduled appointment if bad weather prevents you from attending the test. After then, a new appointment for the examination will be made for you at no additional charge.