New Tyres Findon; Driving Instructions for Brand New Tires, You may be shocked to study that new tyres need to be driven on for a while before they are ready for regular use, and you can get the most out of them. They may go the additional mile if you treat them well during the journey’s first 150 to 200 miles.

So why is it necessary to “drive-in” my New Tyres Findon ?

“Driving in” is a process necessary for breaking in any new set of tyres. To facilitate their removal from the moulds, tyres are coated in a lubricant or silicone during production. When this substance dries, it forms a coating that stays on the tyre tread and reduces traction until it wears off.


After installing new tyres, Findon; drive softly for the first 150-200 miles to help them develop ideal grip and handling.

During this time, keep to dry roads and travel slowly. You should also avoid fast accelerating or stopping (unless essential) and leave a considerable gap for vehicles ahead because your tyres won’t have the expected grip, and braking distances may be longer.

Even if you replace your car’s tyres with ones of the same brand and model, the automobile’s drive will change. In addition to increasing the tyres’ performance, the break-in period should help you become accustomed to driving on and navigating with the brand-new tyres in Findon.

Be mindful of your tyres at all times

After the first break-in phase, regularly maintaining and checking your tyres is essential to ensuring that they continue functioning as intended and keep you safe on the road.

You need to ensure the tyres have enough tread, are properly inflated, and have no visible signs of damage.

With the help of a group of qualified professionals, you can schedule your yearly auto service, look up mechanics, or get new tyres faster and get back on the road. Take your car for anything from an oil change, engine replacement or buying new tyres in Findon.