WHAT IS CHECKED DURING THE MOT? MOT while you wait, You should take your car for a monthly MOT inspection to ensure it still passes emissions and safety tests. A set of mandatory tests and inspections must be carried out on every vehicle as part of the MOT.

The primary components of the MOT While You Wait test are as follows.

Spending a few minutes checking things like lights, wiper blades, and tyres before your MOT might save you time, money, and the hassle of a failure that could have been avoided with basic maintenance.

If you find a problem, Halfords has all the necessary components for repair. While you wait, we can sometimes change things like light bulbs or windshield wipers.

  • Lighting fixtures, mirrors, and electrical gear
  • Mechanical parts for guiding and supporting a vehicle’s frame
  • Brakes
  • The Rubber on the Tires and the Metal on the Wheels
  • Fasten your seatbelts
  • Form, framework, and supplementary materials
  • Fuel, emissions, and tailpipe pollution
  • The perspective views of the highway

When to get an MOT

The first MOT test is due three years after the vehicle’s registration date, and subsequent tests are due annually on the anniversary of the last test.

You can track when your next appointment is MOT due with the help of the documentation you receive after passing the test. The vehicle can be retested up to one month (less than one day) before the expiration date, and the renewal date will remain the same.

When is my MOT due?

Many companies offer MOT at the same day. Specific known as MOT while you wait. Your prior MOT certificate will indicate when your next MOT is due. To replace a misplaced MOT certificate, input your car registration number into the relevant fields on the GOV.uk website. It checks your tax and MOT records in a flash. A new MOT certificate can be mailed to you in place of the lost one at no cost. Your vehicles’ MOT, service, and other crucial dates may be tracked with the MyRAC app, available on the App Store and Google Play. You can renew your MOT up to one month before it expires, and the earliest date you can have your car inspected is listed on your current pass certificate.