MOT Service Findon; What is the difference between a Service and an MOT Test?, What is the first thing that comes to mind when considering automotive upkeep and facts to ensure your car is safe to drive? We’d hazard a bet that you responded to either a regular servicing or an annual MOT test.

Both are correct, but many motorists admit they have no idea why or what exactly happens when they take their vehicles for maintenance. 59% of Britons are unsure of the distinctions between an MOT and a service, according to our most recent survey.

When should you get an MOT Service Findon, and what does it stand for?

According to a recent survey, 85% of drivers don’t know what MOT stands for. MOT stood for the former Ministry of Transport. In the four decades since the government department responsible for our transport network has changed names multiple times, the MOT Service Findon test moniker has stayed.

What exactly does an MOT check for?

This is a portion of the annual vehicle inspection mandated by law in every state. If your vehicle passes the DVSA’s rigorous inspection, you may be certain it is safe to drive on public roads. The MOT does not cover any repairs or replacement parts that your vehicle may need to pass. You must get an MOT Service Findon to repair your car’s faults, if any, legally.

The inspection guarantees the car’s safety but doesn’t guarantee optimal performance. This is because the MOT test focuses on what is deemed “safety vital” rather than the overall condition of your vehicle. So while the MOT examines your vehicle’s brakes, lights, tyres, and seatbelts, it does not examine the engine.

What a Vehicle Service is?

Maintaining your vehicle’s reliability, safety, and full functionality by having it serviced by the manufacturer’s requirements rather than the DVSA’s is what service is all about. The tyre, brake, and seatbelt tests that are part of regular service and an MOT Service Findon test are essentially the same.