Cheap MOT Findon; Cost of cheap MOT inspections, The government determines the maximum cost of an MOT check. The price for automobiles is currently £54.85 per year. So if you walk up to a garage and ask how much an MOT is, the answer is likely to be £54.85 unless there is a large sign advertising a lower price. It’s also why most OEM dealerships charge £54.85, even though their hourly labour rate is far higher. Due to a lack of competition, prices at rural gas stations tend to hover around the baffling sum of £54.85.

Online, though, you’ll find a plethora of small, independent garages that will perform a cheap MOT Findon for as little as £25 or even £19. That may also include picking up and dropping off packages. You may feel happy to take advantage of this offer. It’s less than half the price, and you don’t have to leave the house. It would help if you were very suspicious of these offers unless you are a mechanic or related to one. This is why:

Even if you only live 5 miles from the garage, the round travel to pick it up and drop it off is still 10 miles.

  • Their car travel distance is 10 miles (using fuel)
  • When they drive ten miles on your car and then bring it into the shop, the mechanics lose thirty minutes of their time.

Accordingly, the whole plan is a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes on this project.

  • building (rent or mortgage)
  • pay in addition to salary to cover the employer’s portion of national insurance (10%)
  • testing gear (the typical cost to outfit a maintenance and inspection (MOT) station is around £20,000 (not including VAT).
  • Heating, lighting, and cooling
  • needed insurance coverage costs (including public liability, employer’s liability, and building/contents insurance).

Calculating all of these costs and charging clients a rate that accounts for roughly a third of staff costs, a third of all of these costs, and a third of profit is the basic business plan that ensures this type of garage will be a sustainable employer.

Remember that there are only two revenue streams for garages. One is an hourly wage. The second is extra padding on individual components.

Independent auto shops usually charge £45 per hour labour plus a 15%-25% markup on all parts. This amounts to £15-25 in profit per hour of servicing and repair work. So, you should expect to make between £20 and £24 per hour of business after spending between £40 and £46 on expenses.

Thanks to the certified facilities, you can choose a cheap MOT Findon. The mechanics there will check your car’s components to see if they are up to code with the authorities.