Brake Disc Replacement Lancing; How Much Do Brake Discs And Pads Cost To Replace?, On average, it costs £224 to replace the discs and pads on your front brakes. Prices can be anywhere between £140 and £400. The average price to replace the discs and pads on your back brakes is £249.00. Again, this can cost between £140 and £400. The brakes are probably the most important safety feature of your car. Modern systems that use drums and discs are getting more complicated, which makes them more efficient and reliable.

A disc-based system comprises a brake disc, a calliper, and brake pads or shoes, which have a coating to make them stick better. With the application of the brakes, brake fluid goes into the calliper and squeezes the pads against the disc to stop the car.

How Much is the Cost to Have Your Brakes Fixed at the Dealership?

How much it will cost to replace brake discs and pads depends on your car’s brand, model, and engine. Brake disc replacement Lancing is available at affordable rates.

What Factors Can Affect The Cost Of Replacing Your Brake Disc And Pads?

There isn’t much that is likely to change when you replace your brakes other than if you choose different brands of parts or if other parts have been damaged because the brakes didn’t work right.

How Much Do The Brake Disc And Pads Cost To Replace?

The front pads cost an average of £53, while the discs cost much more at £111.

How Much Time Does It Take, And How Much Does It Cost To Change The Brakes?

For the front, it takes between 1 and 3 hours to replace a pair of brake discs and pads; the same goes for the back. The hourly rate for garages in London is £78, and as you might expect, it’s a little less outside of London, at £72.

The average price for rear brake pads is $53, but the average price for rear brake discs is $116. Also, the price to replace your car’s brake discs and pads can vary based on where you live. So brake disc replacement in Lancing is not hard to find at low rates.